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Install adjustable height laser beam focus module for Ortur Laser Master 2


This module is tested and compatible with the ​Ortur Laser Master 2​ (LM2) machine.

Following laser modules are tested with this product

  • Ortur Laser Master 2 20W(LU1-4 20G05) laser module
  • Ortur Laser Master 2 15W(LU1-15W 20E13) laser module

Please follow the instructions carefully to assemble this adjustable height laser beam focus module.

Inventor of this device will not take any responsibility for incorrect assembly or damages to your laser engraver. Please follow the instructions carefully to assemble this module.

Package Content 

  1. 1X - Adjustable Height Laser Beam Focus Module
  2. 1X - Y - Axis endstop extend plastic part (Follow the instruction step number 8 to attach this part)
  3. 2X - 16mm M3 bolts 
  4. 4X - M5 flat washers 


Step 1

Carefully unplug the power/signal cable from your laser module (three wire cable - red, black, white)

Step 2

Remove four dome headed M5 nuts which attach your laser module to X gantry carriage. Keep these nuts securely. You will need them later to attach our module.

Step 3

Now you have separated your laser module from your engraving machine. Keep the laser module on a flat surface and do not touch electronic circuit.

Unscrew two M3 screws and remove acrylic part attached to laser module. You will not need the original X mount acrylic plate and two M3 screws(we provide 16mm long two M3 screws to mount our module). Please keep acrylic plate and screws securely if you need it in the future.

Step 4

Put your laser module on flat surface by laser warning sticker facing down. Now keep height adjust module top of the laser module by moving plate facing down align with the two M3 screw holes. You can rotate the height adjust knob to move the mount plate up and down until you can easily access M3 screw holes.

Use provided M3 screws(16mm long 2 screws) to attach the height adjust module to your laser head. Tighten both M3 screws carefully. Please do not be too tight. Now you have attached your laser head to the height adjust module.

Step 5

Now you can attach the laser beam height adjust module to your engraver.

Insert M5 flat washers(4 flat washers provided with the kit) to the M5 screws in X carriage.

Insert the module by align with the M5 screws on X carriage. Use previously disassembled M5 dome nuts to secure the height adjust module. 

Step 6

You will need to use needle nose pliers or socket wrenches to tighten M5 dome nuts. Gently tight these M5 nuts.

Step 7

Attach power/signal wire to the module. Do not power on your laser engraver until you follow step 8.

Step 8 

This step is very important to follow. Otherwise your laser module will hit front aluminium frame when you perform homing your laser module. 

To prevent this, you must attach a Y-Axis end stop extender before power on your laser engraver. This is just a plastic piece and help to extend your Y-Axis endstop by 10mm before reaching Y-Axis endstop switch.

Follow instruction here.

Step 9

Before you power on the machine, manually move X and Y axis to the home position(until you touch the limit switches in both X and Y axis) and see if your laser head is away from the machine frame. Make Sure your laser head does not crash into the 2020 aluminium frame.

If your laser head touches aluminium frame, you haven’t fixed the Y stop extend plastic piece which comes with the package. Please refer to step 8.

Step 10

If you are happy everything is okay, power on the machine and see if your machine can safely move to home position.

If your machine can auto home safely, Congratulations, you have attached your new laser beam focus module. Happy engraving and cutting. If you need to contact creator of the module, email “Chatura” at

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