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Install air assist nozzle with G8 lens for Neje 30w or 40w modules


This G8 lens mounted air assist module is compatible with the ​Neje 30W or 40W laser modules.

Please refer Neje wiki pages to refer your laser module compatibility with our air assist module.

Neje 30W Laser Module

Neje 40W Laser Module

Inventor of this device will not take any responsibility for incorrect assembly or damages to your laser engraver. Please follow the instructions carefully to assemble this module.

Package Content


This air assist comes as a package kit. Following parts will include your package.

1x - Air assist nozzle with mounted G8 Lens
1x - 2m long really flexible silicone air tube(ID - 4mm, OD - 6mm)
2x - hose clamps
1x - Y-Axis endstop extend part. Follow instruction here to mount this part.
1x - Focus gauge


Installation Guide

Step 1

Remove front cover plate. You will need four M3 screws later. Keep them separately.

Step 2

Remove stock lens along with the tension spring.

Step 3

Detach air nozzle from brass tube. Our air assist nozzle comes this few other parts. Keep them separate for now.

Step 4

Screw G8 lens in to lens holder. Turn brass tube until all the way up.

Step 5

Mount provided front cover plate. You will not need to install original cover plate comes with the Neje module. Secure this cover plate with previously removed four M3 screws.

Step 6

If you are using Neje 30w or 40w laser module on Ortur Laser Master 2 frame, you will need to install Y-axis endstop extend part. Follow the link for further instructions. This part will make additional gap between front aluminium frame. If you not install this part, your laser module or air assist will hit front aluminium frame when you perform homing.

Step 7

If you can securely home your laser machine, it's time to focus G8 lens.

Step 8

Now you need to use provided lens focus gauge. This gauge is about 40mm tall.

Keep this focus gauge top of your working material. Then lower your laser module until touch the focus gauge. Now your laser module is ready to start focus.

Step 9

You must wear eye protective goggle all the time when you focusing G8 lens.

Test fire your laser module with 1% output power. 

When you wear quality laser eye protective goggle, you can see sharp focus point through protective goggle. Alternatively you can use USB microscope to properly focus G8 lens.

Step 10

If you happy your G8 lens is focus properly, it's time to do a test burn and verify quality of the results. Always you can compare results with your original lens comes with the Neje module.  

Step 11

Hand tight M3 screw attach to the front panel. This will make lens barrel more stable.

Step 12

Finally mount air assist nozzle and connect air tubing.

You can find more information about air assist compressors and other information here.

You only need to focus G8 very first time. Then use the focus gauge to maintain 40mm distance from your working surface to bottom of your laser module. G8 lens will act as a fixed focus lens once you do the initial focus part. This will take sometime to tweak. Take your time and repeat above steps again and again until you find the right focus spot.

If you have any question regarding installing your air assist module, please feel free to contact us via our support page.