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Install air assist nozzle with G8 lens for Ortur Laser Master


This module is tested and compatible with the ​Ortur Laser Master 1​ (LM1) and Ortur Laser Master 2 (LM2) machines.

Following laser modules are tested with this product

Ortur Laser Master 1 & 2 20W(LU1-4 20G05) laser module
Ortur Laser Master 1 & 2 15W(LU1-15W 20E13) laser module

Please follow the instructions carefully to assemble this air assist module.

Inventor of this device will not take any responsibility for incorrect assembly or damages to your laser engraver. Please follow the instructions carefully to assemble this module.

Package Content 

  1. 1x - Air assist module (G8 lens is permanently mounted to the nozzle barrel)
  2. 1x - 2m long really flexible silicone hose(ID - 4mm, OD - 6mm)
  3. 2x - hose clamps
  4. 1X - Y-Axis endstop extend plastic part. Follow the instruction here to mount this part.


Step 1

Remove the original lens comes with your Ortur laser engraver.

Step 2

Slightly unscrew M3 bolt and separate air assist nozzle from the brass tube.

Step 3

Move the wing nut all the way down until reach the end of threads.

Step 4

If you are using our laser beam height adjust module, adjust the height of your laser module and working surface. Ideal distance is 60mm from working surface to laser module's aluminium heat sink.

Step 5

Now you can screw G8 lens into the laser module (Please note that G8 lens only need to screw in a few threads. Only 4 - 6 rotations required)

Step 6

Before proceeding to the next step, wear your laser eye protection goggles(Laser goggles comes with the Ortur laser is not very quality and effective. It's better to invest quality laser eye protection for your own safety).

Also you can see the sharpest and tiny laser dot by wearing your quality laser goggles.

Step 7

Now you can test fire your laser with 0.5% - 1% power output. You will not burn anything with this lowest laser power. Laser beam illumination will be too bright. You must wear your eye protection goggle though out these beam focus steps. 

You can use your laser engraving software to do this laser test fire. You will need to configure "Test Fire" button or this button already appear in your software interface. This topic will not cover in this product installation manual.

Step 8

Now it’s time to focus your G8 lens. Always see laser beam through your laser eye protection goggle. Try to achieve best sharpest dot you can by slightly rotating air assist brass barrel. Always maintain distance about 60mm from aluminium heat sink to your engraving surface.

If you use our laser beam height adjust module, you only need to focus your lens very first time. Once you focus your laser beam, you can maintain 60mm distance from aluminium heat sink to engraving surface.

If you need to achieve best focus point, try to use USB microscope when focusing our air assist module.

Step 9

Once you focus your laser, hold your air assist brass barrel in one hand and gently tight wing nut against the aluminium heat sink with your other hand . This will stabilize air assist module. After doing this, you shouldn't see any wiggling action in your air assist brass tube.

This step is very important to follow, other wise air assist will not stay in focus and laser beam will not come out through air assist nozzle.

Step 10

Finally mount Air assist nozzle with the silicone air hose and secure with hose clamp provided. Then insert air assist nozzle in to the brass barrel and tighten M3 nut to secure. For better cutting try to maintain 5 - 10mm distance to your cutting surface. 

Step 11 - This step only for Ortur Laser Master 2

This step is very important to follow if you using our air assist module with Ortur Laser Master 2 (LM2). Otherwise your air assist module will hit front aluminium frame when you perform homing your laser module.

To prevent this, you must attach a Y-Axis end stop extender before power on your laser engraver. This is just a plastic piece and help to extend your Y-Axis endstop by 10mm before reaching Y-Axis endstop switch.

Follow instruction here.

What types of air compressors recommended

We do recommend large aquarium air pumps for small scale laser cutting machines. Ideally diode laser engravers this is the most suitable one. These type of air compressors comes with various air output capacity. We recommend at least 60 Litters per minute output capacity aquarium pump. These type of air pumps comes with silent version as well. These silent versions are much expensive compared to normal pumps. You won't get much air pressure by using these type of pumps. Also air pressure will be constant most type of aquarium pumps. Currently we are using "Hailea Model V60" silent aquarium pump as an air assist pump. 

Where to buy "Hailea Model V60" silent aquarium pump

Hailea Model V60 or similar models can be purchase in eBay or Amazon.


My air assist module is wiggling

Have you properly tight wing nut? 

I can not see laser dot through the Air assist nozzle?

Make sure you mount your laser module perpendicular to the x-axis.

Check if you mounted the G8 lens properly and tighten wing nut.

Check if you mount air assist nozzle properly.

My air assist broken or bend by hitting aluminium frame or cutting surface

You should buy replacement G8 lens with the brass barrel. We will provide replacement G8 lens with the brass barrel in our store.

We can not send any replacement module unless you prove we have send you faulty module.

My air assist damaged during the transit

You should send us pictures of your damaged parcel, wrappings and product.

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