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Install Y-Axis endstop extender for Ortur Laser Master 2

Ortur Laser Master 2 laser engraving machine allow you to engraving 430mm(Y-Axis) x 400mm(X-Axis) size object by default. By adding Expocnc's Z-Axis height module, you going to loose 10mm from your maximum engraving area. Due to the thickness of our module your maximum machine limit needs to be adjusted to 420mm(Y-Axis) x 400mm(X-Axis). You will only need to change this limit value in Y-Axis.   

How to mount endstop extend piece

After you adding our Z-Axis height adjust module, your laser module will be hit on the front aluminium frame when you machine moving to homing position. To prevent this we have introduced "Y-Axis endstop extender piece". This is just a plastic piece and needs to be mounted as following picture.

Y-Axis endstop extender

How to change Ortur Laser Master2 machine limits using LightBurn software

Open "LightBurn" software

Click on "Devices" in right hand "Laser" panel 

Ortur Laser Master 2 Machine Limit Change


Double click on your device name under "Your Devices List" pop up menu. If you have added multiple devices, you will need to select the correct machine here.


Ortur Laser Master machine limit change

Now you need to change "Y Axis Length" to "420" following pop up window

Ortur Laser Master machine limit change

Click on "Next" and follow the wizard until the end

Your new settings should be saved. Restart Lightburn software to update your changes properly.

Now you all set. Happy laser engraving with Expocnc's Z-Axis adjustable height module